The Key to Abundant Waterfowl Populations

The creation of more and better quality habitat adds up to increased waterfowl populations and more hunting opportunity for all South Carolina waterfowl hunters. Proper habitat management must focus on waterfowl habitat needs during the entire annual life cycle of ducks and geese. For over 30 years, SCWA biologists have worked with more than 600 private and public landowners to enhance waterfowl habitat across South Carolina. Projects range from the installation of more than 22,300 wood duck nest boxes to the creation of thousands of acres of waterfowl impoundments.

The SCWA 568-acre Wildlife Education Center functions as a habitat research and demonstration area with over 200 acres of waterfowl impoundments. Each year new waterfowl habitat management techniques are tested and fine tuned in order to share them with waterfowl managers across the state.

Since 1987, SCWA biologists have worked with landowners across South Carolina to design and create thousands of acres of valuable waterfowl habitat that is producing more local ducks and also providing wintering habitat to thousands of migratory ducks and geese. Each winter, the SCWA Wildlife Education Center winters up to 20,000 migratory ducks.

SCWA waterfowl biologists have over 40 years of habitat management experience and are available to assist public and private landowners who desire to improve their waterfowl habitat. SCWA also works diligently with state and federal agencies to help increase funding for state and federal waterfowl habitat projects. If you would like to improve your waterfowl habitat, please give us a call at 803-452-6001.