The South Carolina Waterfowl Association takes pride in working closely with a large number of conservation partners ranging from state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals. These partnerships focus on furthering SCWA’s mission to enhance and perpetuate our wildlife heritage through education and habitat conservation.

 — Camp Woodie Scholarship Partners

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR)

Children’s Homes

SCWA Chapters



Corporate Donors

175 Camp Woodie scholarships funded in 2022

30 scholarships distributed for SCDNR’s Take One Make One (TOMO) program

Other scholarships are distributed on a needs basis to children across South Carolina and to children’s homes, including Connie Maxwell, Croswell Center, Alpha Center, & Children’s Attention Center.

The mission of Camp Woodie is to “pass on our wildlife heritage to the next generation.”

Camp Leopold Corporate Partners — 

Bass Pro Shops – 563 student days

Duke Energy – 375 student days

Dominion Energy – 563 student days

Wells Fargo – 469 student days

Nucor Steel – 300 student days

Ward & Vessel – 188 student days

Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. – 94 student days

South Carolina Farm Bureau – 188 student days

Berkeley Electric Cooperative Inc. – 94 student days

O’Dell Corporation – 188 student days

Marshall Air Systems – 57 student days

House of Raeford – 188 student days

Omaha Community Foundation – 94 student days

Energy Solutions – 28 student days

International Paper – Program Supplies Donations

Walmart – 38 student days

Brooks Engineering – 38 student days

ESSER Fund District Partners:

Clarendon 2 School District 

Sumter School District

Lexington 2 School District

SC Charter Schools

Greenwood 51 School District

Over 5,375 Camp Leopold scholarships will be provided to schools across South Carolina in 2022

The mission of Camp Leopold is “to create an ecologically literate citizenry by heightening student awareness of the natural world, fine-tuning the skills necessary to read the landscape, and instilling a love, respect, and admiration for the land so that each individual might develop a personal land ethic.”

Ring-necked Duck Research Partners

Delta Waterfowl

United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)

University of Georgia

SCWA provided $33,000 to fund tracking radios for 10 Ring-necked ducks and provided staff labor and land to catch 30 ducks for study.

South Carolina Wildlife Partnership (SCWP) Partners


Private Landowners

SCWA annually provides $10,000 to SCWP to help generate additional private land hunts for public hunters. SCWA also donates waterfowl hunting opportunities for over 50 public draw hunters. SCWA Chief Executive Officer, David Wielicki and SCWA Board member Buford Mabry are founding board members of SCWP.

Pintail Partners Partners


Ducks Unlimited

Delta Waterfowl

Private Landowners

SCWA provided use of the Wildlife Education Center, waterfowl impoundments, volunteer and staff guides, $3,000 in funding, and annual staff labor to coordinate youth hunts that provide hunts to up to 80 youth annually.

Gary Dietrich Wildlife Management Apprentice Program Partners

Gary Dietrich Family Foundation

Interlaken Wildlife Foundation

David Belk Cannon Foundation

Andy Quattlebaum and Blackwell Family Foundation

Orton Foundation

Fredrick C. Hamilton Family Foundation

Harry and Stephanie Oxner Family Fund

Blanchard Machinery

New Holland Agriculture

Four Oaks

Black River

Chicora Wood



Milton Hall


Weymouth Plantations.

Thanks to partner support, SCWA has developed the Nation’s leading wildlife management apprentice program for graduates of associates, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in wildlife and natural resources. During the two-year program, Apprentices learn hands-on wildlife and fisheries management skills equipping them to make a large-scale impact on habitat management. 

In 2022, the program will fund 9 Apprentices. The program has a graduate hiring rate of 100% with a starting salary and benefits package of $60,000.

 — Future Wildlife Professionals Camp Partners

Boone and Crockett Club

Bass Pro Shops

Cabela’s Outdoor Fund

$80,000 in funding from the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund allow SCWA Camp Woodie campers who are interested in pursuing a career in the wildlife conservation field to attend an intensive 2-week career awareness camp at the SCWA Wildlife Education Center and the Boone and Crocket Club Teddy Roosevelt Ranch in Montana.

“Super Flats” Restoration Project on Lake Marion Partners

Santee Cooper


Ducks Unlimited

The project will enhance fish and waterfowl habitats along with enhancing public waterfowl hunting opportunities. SCWA has committed funding of $15,000 per year for the next three years to help fund the project. Santee Cooper will annually provide herbicide treatments, by helicopter, on 580 acres of giant cutgrass and giant Salvinia around areas in Lake Marion throughout each August. The treatment is intended to improve public access to fishing, boating, and duck hunting, enhance fish and wildlife habitats and reduce the further spread of giant Salvinia to other areas of the Santee Cooper Lakes system. Giant Salvinia is an invasive plant from Brazil. It was found in the lakes in 2017 and has since rapidly spread from upper Lake Marion to other areas of both Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. Giant cutgrass has also created dense stands restricting public access in the area known as the ‘Super Flats.’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved aquatic herbicides will be used for the application and pose no water-use restrictions in the areas treated.” (Santee Cooper)

Wintering Waterfowl Surveys

Lead Partner: Jim C. Kennedy Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation Center

Clemson University

SCWA provided $2,000 to help fund the survey along with many other donors.

American Camping Association (ACA) Partnership

Camp Woodie and Camp Leopold are certified under ACA.

We are expanding our collaboration with ACA to enhance and improve both programs. 

Sylvan Heights Bird Park Partnership

Collaboration on the SCWA Mike and Jennifer Smith Waterfowl Aviary, conservation education programs, and marketing of education programs.

SCWA Wildlife Education Center Meeting Space Partner —


SCWA provided the use of WEC facilities for biologist and law enforcement meetings.