There are many reasons to get involved with the South Carolina Waterfowl Association!

SCWA Wildlife Education Center – Home of Camp Woodie and Camp Leopold

The SCWA 568-acre Wildlife Education Center is one of the nation’s leading wildlife education centers. Camp Woodie has become the nation’s leading summer waterfowl and wildlife conservation camp for boys and girls ages 8-16, and the camp continues to grow and improve each year. Since 1995, over 8,000 youth have attended Camp Woodie, hosting over 1,100 campers each summer. This camp is a must for any child that enjoys hunting, fishing, or just being outdoors. Activities at camp include archery, game calling, hunter and firearm safety, sporting clays, swimming, soccer, and many other outdoor activities.

Camp Leopold is SCWA’s school year natural resource conservation education camp. Camp Leopold has been operating since 2012, providing natural resource conservation education to thousands of 3rd to 7th grade youth across South Carolina. Camp Leopold attendance will reach over 10,000 youth on an annual basis.

Wetland Enhancements Programs

SCWA’s field staff of waterfowl and wetland biologists, specialists and technicians work with over 600 private and public landowners to enhance wetland habitats for waterfowl and other wetland dependant bird species.

SCWA Wood Duck Production Project

The nation’s largest wood duck production program with annual production of 20,000 to 50,000 wood ducks. Total production of more than 940,000 wood ducks and 150,000 songbirds since 1987. Over 22,000 wood duck nest boxes have been distributed and installed. Annual installation of 300 to 500 nesting boxes. Annual maintenance of over 2,000 wood duck nesting boxes.

SCWA Mallard Research Program

Pioneered the development of a successful mallard release project that will add over 40,000 mallards to South Carolina’s duck populations in 2015. Total release and production of over 800,000 mallards since 1994.

SCWA Waterfowl Enhancement Projects

SCWA waterfowl programs add over 75,000 ducks and geese to South Carolina’s waterfowl populations on an annual basis.

SCWA Chapter Youth Waterfowl Days

These local SCWA Chapter events reach over 1,000 youth with hands-on waterfowl conservation education.