SCWA Wildlife Education Center (WEC) Expansion Projects: Future and Completed

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Enhanced Safety and Security Improvements (Highest Priority)

Wooden Security Fence and Gate                                                     $50,000

Parking Area Expansion                                                                      $60,000

Canoe and Pontoon Boat enclosed covered dock                          $95,000

Camper Activity Projects

Fishing platforms with fish structure and feeders (10)                  $75,000

Wetland Ecology board walk (200 feet)                                             $60,000

Low ropes team building course                                                        $15,000

High Ropes “Skypark” team building course                                   $135,000

Climbing Adventure Tower                                                                 $250,000

AIRNASIUM, 5,000 square feet                                                          $100,000

Open play recreation field next to Airnasium                                   $20,000

Capital Building Projects

80 Camper Lodge                                                                                $600,000

Apprentice and Camp Staff Housing Complex for 20 people          $750,000

Wildlife Ecology Classrooms and Education Staff office building    $950,000

New infirmary and laundry facility                                                     $175,000

Public drinking water system and well                                                $65,000

Total:                                                                                                             $3,400,000                    

SCWA Wildlife Education Center Expansion Projects Funded Since 2017 ($10,515,000)

Bobby Glover Wildlife Management Area (399 acres)         $3,995,000

Henry Road Wildlife Management Area (257 acres)            $1,850,000

Boyd Dining Hall (300 Person)                                               $1,448,000

Boyd Camp, Duck ponds and camp facility (127 acres)       $1,250,000 

Marshall Collins Entrance Gateway (50 acres)                        $650,000

Noel Brown 72 Person Lodging Facility                                   $427,000

WEC Duck Pond expansion and habitat improvements         $165,000

Habitat Center                                                                         $150,000

Mike and Jennifer Smith Waterfowl Aviary                              $98,000

Darnall and Susan Boyd Foundation Sporting Clays Course     $95,000

Swimming Hole with water slide and blob                                $50,000

Flight of the Canvasback Dual Zip Lines                                    $45,000

Five stand sporting clays course                                              $41,000

Rifle Ranges, three 4 person ranges                                         $35,000

Splash pad                                                                                 $32,000

Meditation area                                                                        $32,000

Carl Stroud Waterfowl Observation Tower                              $30,000

Island Boardwalk                                                                      $29,000 

Bottomland Hardwood Restoration/Education project          $25,000

Island Board Walk                                                                     $25,000

Big Tony and Penny Wielicki Family Entrance Shelter             $18,000

Sidewalks between buildings and parking lot                         $15,000

Water system building                                                             $10,000

Total:                                                                                                $10,515,000

SCWA Foundation 

SCWA Foundation Balance September 30, 2021:                      $1,286,539