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33 years of conservation success

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of over 500 volunteers and the financial support of thousands of SCWA members and sponsors, your association has completed the following conservation achievements over the past 33 years:


  • Distribution and installation of 23,350 wood duck nest boxes resulting in the production of more than 1.1 million wood ducks.


  • Creation of the 978-acre SCWA Wildlife Education Center (WEC), the home of SCWA’s Camp Woodie program, the nation’s leading youth wildlife education summer camp. The WEC is also the home of Camp Leopold, SCWA’s school-year natural resource conservation field trip program. This year, over 1,100 youth will attend Camp Woodie, and Camp Leopold will host over 8,000 camper days. Since 1986, conservation education has been provided to over 100,000 youth.


  • Wetland management assistance to hundreds of public and private landowners resulting in the creation and enhancement of thousands of acres of managed wetlands.


  • Production of over 175,000 songbirds.


  • The addition of 75,000 to 100,000 waterfowl to South Carolina’s waterfowl population on an annual basis.


  • SCWA has become the nation’s second largest state waterfowl association.


Although these are major accomplishments, SCWA members and supporters know we must expand our commitment to conserve and enhance South Carolina’s waterfowl and wetland resources. We need your help to pass on the legacy of our waterfowl and wildlife heritage to the next generation.

To become a member or to learn more about SCWA, call 803-452-6001 or continue browsing the website. You can learn more about our camp programs at You can visit the STORE page to purchase an SCWA membership.  We greatly appreciate your interest and support!