John Higgins returns to Camp Woodie for 2022

Camp Woodie is excited to welcome John Higgins, the owner of CSM Clay Target Shooting Academy, back to Camp Woodie for the summer of 2022. Last year, John spent two days each week out at camp assisting campers with their shooting education. We are pleased to have him returning this summer.

“The Coordinated Shooting Method (CSM) is based on the concept of student-centered learning. It offers a realistic, relevant, appropriate, and modern approach to shotgun shooting education. We aim to provide safe, positive, fun-filled experiences for all ages of participants and to try to make the connection between creativity and development.

One of the benefits of the CSM Academy Camp Woodie program is its ability to connect the student with the power and joy of learning. It is about coaching in a way that develops individual character, confidence, self-reliance, and belief in his or her own competitiveness. We encourage all of our students to become active participants in their learning process because when athletes and coaches become learning partners a magical transformation takes place.

Transformational learning is deep, profound, and lasting. Oftentimes, what is changed or transformed are the methodologies, unchallenged assumptions, and habits that have never before been questioned. Once the learning partnership takes place, and young athletes actively take part in the learning process, they begin to see what they can accomplish on their own. When this happens, there is no turning back! They are on a fast track to success!

This is particularly relevant today, with shotgun sports becoming more popular than ever before with middle and high school students. This growth emphasizes the need for high-quality educational programs that provide athletes with the knowledge, physical skills, and attitudes that are necessary to thoroughly enjoy shooting and to develop a lifelong love of the sport. Now is the time to embrace a modern, new approach to the instructional paradigm, to start making positive changes that will enhance performance and highlight the many benefits that shotgun shooting sports can provide.” (John Higgins)

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